Sarah Smerz

Sarah Smerz



Thursday, December 18, 201412/18/2014

Alternatives to Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve

Cookies are soooooo last year.


Wednesday, December 17, 201412/17/2014

A Very Angry Bears Fan Christmas

Let’s go Bears! Let’s go B…. ugh, ok we’re pretty bad this season.


Tuesday, December 16, 201412/16/2014

Cats Who Are “Over” Christmas

They should’ve hit the catnip beforehand.


Monday, December 15, 201412/15/2014

Unique Last Minute Gifts for Kids

You’ll end up buying a few for yourself!


Friday, December 12, 201412/12/2014

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Complete with an infinite number of fire hydrants to explore and shoes to chew on.


Thursday, December 11, 201412/11/2014

Wrap a Gift in 10 Seconds with NO MISTAKES!

Do Santa’s elves know this trick? They should!


Thursday, December 11, 201412/11/2014

Family Syncs Christmas Lights to Frozen’s “Let It Go”

I wonder what their power bill is going to be.


Tuesday, December 9, 201412/09/2014

Season of Sarah- Rice Krispy Treats Adventure!



Monday, December 8, 201412/08/2014

Pizza Hut Makes Doritos Crust

Tasty treat or terrible idea?


Monday, December 8, 201412/08/2014

Midwest FurFest Disrupted in Chicago

Things got a little crazy last night at the Midwest FurFest at the Hyatt in Rosemont, Illinois when toxic chlorine…

Sarah's #Scarfie


Sarah’s Scarfie of the Week- Sort of Scarf

Not quite a scarf, but use your imagination.

scarfie- LINCOLN

Sarah’s Scarfie of the Week- Election Day Special!

The #scarfie trend is spreading to Springfield’s favorite President!


Sarah’s Scarfie of the Week- Brotherly Love

Having an international scarf makes me well traveled by association.


Sarah’s Scarf of the Week- Grand Canyon Adventure

Behold the glory that is this scarf.


Sarah’s Scarfie of the Week

No wardrobe is complete without leopard print.

Sarah's 5K Calendar


Sarah’s 5k Calendar- Cold Weather Running Tips

Don’t let the cold air break your stride!


Sarah’s 5k Calendar- 5k Run/Walk for One Less Orphan 11.22.14

The couch will still be there when you get home.

Jogging on treadmill

SARAH’S 5K CALENDAR- Running Tips!

“Runner’s high” is legal in Illinois.

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Third ‘Night at the Museum’ marks final film for Williams, Rooney


The credits for "Secret of the Tomb," which opens Friday, read "In loving memory of Mickey Rooney," and "For Robin Williams - the magic never ends."

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Gene Simmons credits mother for drug-free life

Gene Simmons speaks onstage during the "4th and Loud" portion of the AMC 2014 Summer TCA on Friday, July 11, 2014, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Kiss frontman insists he has never been drunk or gotten high because he always worried about his mom's reaction.

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Joan Jett to open for The Who’s 50th anniversary tour


The "My Generation" hitmakers are set to bring their The Who Hits 50! tour to North America.