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The hairstyling trend has gone from highlights to cutting-edge concept called splashlights.  The trendy highlighting technique creates a band of bleached hair that stretches from ear to ear — a look inspired by a laser beam.  A color expert explained, “The idea is for the color to look like a ray of light. Like a shine mark.”   Social media is indeed helping to spread the word.   Some stylists are already moving the “splash” from a horizontal band to a vertical one. But not everyone is thrilled about the potential trend. A blogger at a beauty site threatened to shave her head if the trend took off.

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George Harrison memorial tree killed by actual beetles


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Countdown: Supporting characters that need their own movie

From left: Jon Gries (Uncle Rico), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Aaron Ruell (Kip) in "Napoleon Dynamite," a comedy about a quirky teenager growing up in the remotes of Idaho, trying to understand his life.

Which of these supporting characters should have their own movies?

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Zach Braff: Not dating Taylor Swift


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