Joey McLaughlin

Bored at work? Try this!

Here are ten ways to keep from getting bored during the workday:

1. Find ways to spice up your commute to work – starting the day off on a boring foot can happen before you even walk in the door. Better yet – convince your boss to let you work from home every now and then.

2. Improve your workspace. Add a few lamps and some greenery.

3. If you’re too tired to work, that can make you bored. Get a good nights sleep, do some energizing work outs, or try a standing desk.

4. Meetings can get long and boring – talk to your boss and try to stick to a productive agenda.

5. Set some above and beyond goals for yourself – not only will it keep you more engaged but it will impress your boss.

6. Talk to your boss and add some new responsibilities to your plate.

7. Try to learn something new while you’re at work – like put on an educational podcast.

8. Take some web browsing breaks – it’s actually shown to increase your productivity.

9. Use your boring spells to brainstorm something creative.

10. If all else fails – quit your job! If you’re THAT bored at work, it might be time for a change.

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