Joey McLaughlin

Are your bad habbits REALLY that bad?

Some bad habits are worse than others. Here’s how some popular ones pan out.

1. Skipping your birth control is not a habit you want to get – because you can most definitely get pregnant.

2. Adding extras to your coffee like sugar or half and half can add up to some unnecessary calories.

3. Texting and walking? You’re four times more likely to get hit by a car.

4. Weighing yourself daily isn’t crazy – it’s a healthy practice to get into.

5. Using that same kitchen sponge for a long time is okay as long as you sterilize it pretty often – throw it in the microwave or toss it in the dishwasher.

6. Putting your bare butt on public toilet seats is perfectly fine – you’re not going to catch anything.

7. Take it easy with the over the counter pain relievers – over doing it will damage your liver or kidneys.

8. Eating lunch at your desk has a negative effect – it makes you more likely to over-eat.

9. Don’t skip your doctor appointments, it’s important to get your regular check ups.

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