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Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015

Worst Business Name Puns – Dave Dahl Love This!

You think our Cool 93.9 News Guy Dave Dahl is “punny” on the morning show?  Well check out these HILARIOUS…

birthday boy

Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015

Billed $24 for Birthday No-Show

Do you agree with this?  A 5 year old was a no-show at a friend’s birthday party at a ski…


Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015


Accusations are flying that the Patriots may have used deflated footballs in Sunday’s WIN over the Colts, sending them to…

usa map

Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

Pakistani Food is Illinois’ Favorite??

Ok…Missouri got BBQ.  Indiana got pizza.  Illinois’ favorite food…of all foods…was Pakistani??  Surely this is a mistake.  I’m sure Pakistani…

hamster face

Friday, January 16, 201501/16/2015

Hamster Cheeks

Ever wonder how a hamster fits all those snacks in its cheeks, with such adorable cuteness?  Ever want to see…


Thursday, January 15, 201501/15/2015

Pair Girl Scout Cookies with WHAT Drink?

We all know that red meat goes with red wine…fish and light meat goes with white wine.  But what are…

COOL Generic

Tuesday, January 13, 201501/13/2015

Stereotypes Are OK??

Margaret Cho is defending her overtly racist/stereotypical character from Sunday’s (1/11/15) Golden Globes by saying she’s of North Korean decent. …

Ruckus - Alexa

Monday, January 12, 201501/12/2015

Local 7 Year Old Helps Dogs Like Ruckus!

For Alexa’s 7th birthday over the weekend in Springfield, IL…she wanted to dress up like a princess.  But didn’t want…


Monday, January 12, 201501/12/2015

PSA for Kids – “I Saw Your Willy”

It’s an important topic, and the British are making sure they don’t ignore it.  Kids texting inappropriate picture to each…

old computer

Friday, January 9, 201501/09/2015

Remember Oregon Trail? Master or Orion?

You have a chance to play over 2400 MS-DOS games online!!  Ok, don’t tell the boss but I’m playing Oregon…