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Monday, March 3, 201403/03/2014

Squirrel Horse Head Feeder!

Want a great laugh??  Check out this ridiculous feeder!  $15…from a Seattle store.  Awesome. Take a look.


Friday, February 28, 201402/28/2014

Baseball Player Catches a Ball…In the Kitchen?

Optical Illusion with a Billboard! Check it Out!


Tuesday, February 18, 201402/18/2014

Have Grandma Mummified When She Dies?!

There’s a company in Utah that will mummify loved ones, or pets, when they die.  This is very real, and…


Monday, February 17, 201402/17/2014

Ice Caves!

These ice caves in Wisconsin are gorgeous…but kind of frightening!   Take a look HERE!


Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Creepy Half Naked Statue!

You heard about this in Dave Dahl’s new this morning…this thing is super creepy. Check it out!


Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

How Much Snow for a Snow Day? MAP

Check this out!  How much snow does it typically take to cancel school?  based on region.  What it doesn’t show…

school closings

Monday, January 27, 201401/27/2014

U of Illinois – Racist Students Mad Over Having Class?

College students at the U of I had to go to class today…Monday January 27th.  Yes, it’s cold.  But you…


Thursday, January 23, 201401/23/2014

Nowegian Olympic Curling Team’s Pants

You don’t know the rules of the game.  But you know their pants…RULE.   Take a look at the amazing…


Tuesday, January 21, 201401/21/2014

Most Influential Burger of All Time!

According to TIME magazine…this burger was named most influential of all time! A.  White Castle’s Slider


Tuesday, January 21, 201401/21/2014

Man Leggings??

Ok…Man Leggings are thing now?  From Chicago…called “Meggings.”  Really?  Though they found the ONE man on the planet that can…