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Monday, September 15, 201409/15/2014

9.15.14 BREAKING NEWS – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sickens Dozens of Kids in Girard

From our newsroom at Cool 93.9: Springfield Fire Chief Ken Fustin says he has crews down in Girard to assist. …


Monday, September 15, 201409/15/2014

Flesh Colored Spandex Uniform? UH??

At some point…wouldn’t you look in the mirror and think, hmmmmm..this uniform is a BAD idea? Take a look at…

amy baby

Thursday, September 11, 201409/11/2014

Worst Childhood Haircut??

Here’s me and my older sister (I’m the blonde one) as kids!  Not the worst hairstyle I’ve had… We’ve all…


Wednesday, September 10, 201409/10/2014

(Eye)Glasses in the Microwave??

A friend of mine had the lens fall out of her eyeglasses, and she couldn’t snap it back in.  She…


Tuesday, September 9, 201409/09/2014

Sexy Halloween Costumes – WRONG!

This is just wrong!!  Certain costumes should NOT be sexy.  Oscar the Grouch?  Gumby?  No thanks.  Please make it stop. …

eye shadow

Thursday, September 4, 201409/04/2014

Eyeshadow Bandit!

Clearly this lady had an addiction to eyeshadow!  She was busted stealing more.  Just say no…   Take a look…


Wednesday, September 3, 201409/03/2014

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

Sarah says Mayo…I say Miracle Whip.  One argument against Mayo is its many uses…like to clean piano keys.  Do I…

airplane flight

Thursday, August 28, 201408/28/2014

Fight on Flight!

A United Airlines flight was diverted because of a fight over reclining seats! Is it your right to recline?  Or…


Wednesday, August 27, 201408/27/2014

The Little Dog that Made a Big RUCKUS

The little dog that made a big RUCKUS… Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 – National Dog Day…on my drive in to…


Thursday, August 21, 201408/21/2014

Tom Cruise – Tooth in the Middle of His Face

As talked about with Amy & Sarah this morning…Tom Cruise has a tooth in the middle of his face.  His…