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Tuesday, March 10, 201503/10/2015

Lawmakers Go After Laundry Detergent Pods

They are brightly colored…and look like candy to young children.  Lawmakers want to change the legislation so it makes sure…


Friday, March 6, 201503/06/2015

Maybe Jurassic Park Was Right – Wild Animals Open Doors

WOW.  I always thought that scene from Jurassic Park where the dinosaurs opened the door was a little far fetched. …

Madonna greets fans outside a television studio

Thursday, March 5, 201503/05/2015

Man Spent $76,000 to Look Like Madonna

He loves Madonna.  In fact he says, “No one understands my love for Madonna, I don’t even know if she…

elephant pic

Wednesday, March 4, 201503/04/2015

Dramatic Video – Saving an Elephant Stuck in the Mud!

WOW!  Check out this video!  A dramatic rescue of an elephant stuck in the mud in Kenya.  A construction crew…


Friday, February 27, 201502/27/2015

Glam Rocker – Jailed for 16 years

Glam Rocker Gary Glitter…who’s real name is Paul Gadd…was sentenced to 16 years behind bars today for a host of…

wi fi computer

Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

News Anchor Suspended for Using Racial Slur

A New Anchor/former beauty pageant queen in Cleveland, OH has been suspended for 3 days for “accidentally” using a racial…


Tuesday, February 24, 201502/24/2015

Ladies – Ring Finger Longer than Index Finger?

A new study of women shows if your ring finger is LONGER than your index finger, you likely hold a…


Tuesday, February 17, 201502/17/2015

Grossest Things Ever Found in the Office Fridge?

Put down your lunch, snack, or whatever you might eat in the next week.  Then CLICK HERE to check out…


Friday, February 13, 201502/13/2015

Penguin Sweaters

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen??  A 109 year old man, in Australia, knitted sweaters for penguins…

brian williams

Wednesday, February 11, 201502/11/2015

Brian Williams – Suspended 6 Months

After the truth has come out on some of Brian Williams’ news stories…NBC has suspended him for 6 months.  It’s…