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cat island

Wednesday, April 15, 201504/15/2015

An Island “Dissolved” in the Gulf Thanks to Oil Spill

This is incredibly sad.  And what other environmental impacts will this have?  Time will only tell. Take a look at…

Wednesday, April 15, 201504/15/2015

What do the Spurs Do in Their Free Time? THIS

Wow.  80’s hair.  Keytars.  And guyliner.  Thanks “Spuran Spuran.”  Hilarious!


Wednesday, April 15, 201504/15/2015

Tax Day! 20 Weird Deductions!

Can you deduct a trip to Bermuda?  How about cat food?  What about a swimming pool? Some are brilliant ways…


Tuesday, April 14, 201504/14/2015

70’s Era Sexist – Jurassic World?

The new trailer for Jurassic World came out last week online…and the director of Avengers, Joss Whedon, took to Twitter…

bill maher- zayn

Monday, April 13, 201504/13/2015

Bill Maher – Controversial Joke

Fans are demanding an apology from Bill Maher for comparing One Direction’s Zayn Malik to the Boston Bomber…saying they look…


Wednesday, April 8, 201504/08/2015

French Couple BUYS a Baby – Deny Wrongdoing

A couple in France paid about $8,600 and traded a used BMW to “buy” a baby from Romania.  They say…

fridge locker

Tuesday, April 7, 201504/07/2015

Fridge Locker? Really?

Is theft of lunch item in your office SO BAD…that you would lock up your food in a “food locker?” …

mime through time

Wednesday, April 1, 201504/01/2015

Mime Through Time

Which era do you remember??  I’ll admit…the horrible grunge, dirty look of the 90s was mine.  No wonder my parents…

cell phone

Wednesday, April 1, 201504/01/2015

Selfie Shoe! Or is It?

Hahaha. This is a great April Fool’s Day prank.  Hilarious.  Take a Look!  


Wednesday, April 1, 201504/01/2015

April FOOLS Day for Kids!

Looking for that perfect Kid-Friendly April Fool’s Day prank?  This is a great list!  And I love the changing the…